Specialized Care for Special Needs Pets

As experienced pet care professionals, Island Pet Care can provide specialized in-home care for your special needs pet. Most of our pet sitters are also experienced veterinary technicians or veterinary assistants and we can provide any veterinarian prescribed/approved in-home treatment for your beloved fur baby. We follow your veterinarian’s instructions to the letter.

Uncomfortable with needles, fluid lines or changing soiled bandages and maintaining a clean pet sitting Hilton Head Island, SC 500 (2)wound site? Call us! We have the experience, skills and compassion to follow your veterinarian’s instructions and help your special needs pet have the best quality of life possible.

Our in-home specialty care services include the following:

  • oral medication administration
  • insulin injections (sub Q)
  • wound care including dressing changes and maintaining a clean wound site
  • anal gland expression
  • nail trims for dogs and cats
  • application of “soft paws” nail caps for cats
  • treatments for ear mites

Advanced in-home specialty care:

  • insulin injections (IM)
  • sub Q fluid administration (fluids under the skin)
  • other injections (sub Q and IM)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We provide these more advanced in-home services ONLY under the prescription/instruction of your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian may have other home care treatments that they prescribe. Call us! We can usually handle other special needs requests.

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