Our Pet Sitting Menu of Services

Meet & Greet Complimentary Consultation:

Schedule a complimentary meet & greet and let’s get acquainted. This will give you an opportunity to learn about our pet sitting and dog walking services. This will allow us the opportunity to customize a plan to fit you and your pets’ needs.

new-client-tagAt the meet & greet this is your opportunity to meet your pet sitter and get to know them and also gives your pet time to get comfortable with their new friend before they come into your home without you there. During this consultation, we will ask you to walk us through your home and show us where we can find your pet’s food, litter boxes, water dishes, toys, favorite hiding spots, favorite napping spots, cleaning supplies, leashes and more. We will also ask you to walk us through meal times, medications and walking routines. Once we have gone over everything and we are confident we know everything required to take exceptional care of your pet, we will collect the completed New Client Packet, a copy of your key and payment or deposit for services (if required up front).

Pet Sitting Visits:

Our pet sitting and dog walking services are customized to meet your specific pet care needs. Therefore there is no need to worry about what to do with your pet when planning your vacation or business trip. We are available to make multiple daily visits to your home to ensure your pet pet sitting in your home Bluffton, SCwill get the best care while you are away. Whether it’s for a family vacation or just a day trip, this service is perfect for you and your pet!  Visits include: fresh food & water, outside time for potty break, play time or walk, cat litter scoop and best of all, lots of love & attention.  Our pricing is simple, no extra charges for holidays or weekends. We will also administer oral medication to your pet if needed at no extra charge.

Additional services FREE with Pet Sitting visits:

  • Bring in Mail/Newspaper
  • Water Plants
  • Alternate Lights
  • Open/Close Curtains
  • Garbage/Recycle Cans out
  • TV/Radio on
  • Email or text message updates

While you are away, Island Pet Care wants your home to look like it is lived in, for your security!

dog walking Hilton Head Island, SC (2)

Dog Walking:

Why hire an Island Pet Care dog walker?

  • Dogs LOVE to be outside and explore their surroundings!
  • Dogs need exercise!
  • Going on a walk is excellent for dogs’ physical and mental well being.
  • Dogs are social and want to meet new friends on walks!
  • Want to RELAX when you get home from a LONG day? Let us walk Fido for you!
  • No pack walking. We walk only one client’s dog(s) at a time!
  • 100%-personalized attention!

It can be tough having a dog when you work long hours. Who is going to let them out for you during the day? How are they going to get exercise? Our dog walking services are perfect for mid-day potty breaks, exercise and playtime so you can eliminate trying to rush home on your lunch break or asking family and friends to come over for you.  We schedule our daily visits around you and the needs of your pets. Morning, noon or night, we are there when you need us. This service is also great for seniors who have a difficult time walking their pets.

Cat Sitting: 

Although cats have a reputation for being independent, this doesn’t mean that leaving your feline friends home alone for very long is a good idea. Accidents happen. cat sitting Hilton Head Island, SC (2)Everything from a sudden illness to an overturned water dish to getting caught in the cords for the mini-blinds, can be disastrous if it happens while your cat is home alone. But an Island Pet Care pet sitter can make sure these issues are handled promptly. In our considerable experience, cats get lonely too, especially if they are the only pet in the home. For this reason we recommend that your kitty is visited at least once per day.

Having a pet sitter is even more important if your cat is older, disabled in any way, or you plan to be gone more than a normal workday. Kittens also benefit from the human socialization from a sitter.

Your Island Pet Care pet sitter will:

  • Follow exact feeding instructions, including preparing special diets if requested
  • Scoop litter and clean around the litter box (every visit)!
  • Dispense medication
  • Spend time playing and socializing with Fluffy!
  • Find Kitty (we always find shy cats, just to say “hi”)! It is our policy to fully observe every animal in our care on every visit.


Specialized Care for Special Needs Pets:

As experienced pet care professionals, Island Pet Care can provide specialized in-home care for your special needs pet. Most of our pet pet sitting Hilton Head Island, SC 500 (2)sitters are also experienced veterinary technicians or veterinary assistants and we can provide any veterinarian prescribed/approved in-home treatment for your beloved fur baby. We follow your veterinarian’s instructions to the letter.

Uncomfortable with needles, fluid lines or changing soiled bandages and maintaining a clean wound site? Call us! We have the experience, skills and compassion to follow your veterinarian’s instructions and help your special needs pet have the best quality of life possible.

Our in-home specialty care services include the following:

  • oral medication administration
  • insulin injections (sub Q)
  • wound care including dressing changes and maintaining a clean wound site
  • anal gland expression
  • nail trims for dogs and cats
  • application of “soft paws” nail caps for cats

Advanced in-home specialty care:

  • insulin injections (IM)
  • sub Q fluid administration (fluids under the skin)
  • other injections (sub Q and IM)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We provide these more advanced in-home services ONLY under the prescription/instruction of your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian may have other home care treatments that they prescribe. Call us! We can usually handle other special needs requests.