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Questions Your Cat Would Ask a Professional Cat Sitter

As you have been searching for a cat sitter to take care of your precious feline companions I am sure that you have a list of questions that are important for you to ask prospective cat sitters to determine if they are the right match for you and your feline fur baby. Some of these questions may include things related to insurance and bonding, the sitter’s experience with cats (especially geriatric or special needs kitties), number of visits per day and price.

However, have you ever considered what your cat might ask his pet sitter if he could talk? Here are some questions from your cat’s perspective!

1. Will you be picking up the little pieces of dry food that I leave strewn about near my food bowl or better yet, in my water bowl? I know I left them there but I prefer my eating area to be clean and tidy…which is where you come in. And on the same subject, moist food is not supposed to get dry and crusty…

cat sitter Hilton Head, SC2. Do you clean the litter box at each visit, and I do mean CLEAN? I am fussy about cleanliness and prefer an immaculate litter box. That also means no loose litter outside the box. My parents don’t want me to track litter through my house.

3. Do you like to cuddle? How are you with ear scratches and butt rubs? I may want to cuddle but only when I feel like it. I will let you know. Talk to the paw.

4.  Are you good at hide and seek? I am great at the hiding part. If you really know cats you will be very good at the seek part! By the way, all professional cat sitters should have “eyes on” their feline charges at every visit. I will have a good giggle watching you try to find me, but I do expect to be found!

5. If I am an indoor/outdoor kitty, how do you feel about the “presents” I might bring you and are you good at catching the live prey that I so graciously deposit in the house for you?

6. What is your treat policy? I know how many my mom and dad give me each day and I expect not one treat less.

7. If you do an overnight stay with me are you content to not get much sleep because I enjoy running through the house at 2 in the morning to get in my daily exercise? Are you a good trampoline? I might like to jump off high furniture and I do like a “soft” place to land.

8. Do you come equipped with a laser cat toy?

9. How are your “cooking ” skills? I expect both breakfast and dinner to be perfect and just the way my parents prepare it, otherwise I refuse to eat.

10. Will you open the blinds for me during the day so I can watch “kitty TV” and observe the birds, squirrels and other outdoor critters?

Finding a trustworthy, professional cat sitter is more than just finding someone to put food down and scoop the litter and at Island Pet Care we treat your kitty like one of our own. Your cat has a lot of personality and individual needs and your pet sitter should understand them and ask you questions about your kitty to really get to know them. Once you find the pet sitter that meets both you and your cat’s needs, they are irreplaceable!

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