Cat Sitting

Although cats have a reputation for being independent, this doesn’t mean that leaving your feline friends home alone for very long is a good idea. Accidents happen. cat sitting Hilton Head Island, SC (2)Everything from a sudden illness to an overturned water dish to getting caught in the cords for the mini-blinds, can be disastrous if it happens while your cat is home alone. But an Island Pet Care pet sitter can make sure these issues are handled promptly. In our considerable experience, cats get lonely too, especially if they are the only pet in the home. For this reason we recommend that your kitty is visited at least once per day.

Having a pet sitter is even more important if your cat is older, disabled in any way, or you plan to be gone more than a normal workday. Kittens also benefit from the human socialization from a sitter.

Your Island Pet Care pet sitter will:

  • Follow exact feeding instructions, including preparing special diets if requested
  • Scoop litter and clean around the litter box (every visit)!
  • Dispense medication
  • Spend time playing and socializing with Fluffy!
  • Find Kitty (we always find shy cats, just to say “hi”)! It is our policy to fully observe every animal in our care on every visit.
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It’s very important to interview any potential cat sitter who will be coming into your home to care for your precious feline babies. Ask for proof of insurance and do check references. But have you ever wondered what your cat might like to ask any potential care giver? Check out our blog post on “Interview with the Cat Sitter”.