Cat Sitter Hilton Head presents “Interview with the Cat Sitter”

Questions Your Cat Would Ask a Professional Cat Sitter

As you have been searching for a cat sitter to take care of your precious feline companions I am sure that you have a list of questions that are important for you to ask prospective cat sitters to determine if they are the right match for you and your feline fur baby. Some of these questions may include things related to insurance and bonding, the sitter’s experience with cats (especially geriatric or special needs kitties), number of visits per day and price.

However, have you ever considered what your cat might ask his pet sitter if he could talk? Here are some questions from your cat’s perspective!

1. Will you be picking up the little pieces of dry food that I leave strewn about near my food bowl or better yet, in my water bowl? I know I left them there but I prefer my eating area to be clean and tidy…which is where you come in. And on the same subject, moist food is not supposed to get dry and crusty…

cat sitter Hilton Head, SC2. Do you clean the litter box at each visit, and I do mean CLEAN? I am fussy about cleanliness and prefer an immaculate litter box. That also means no loose litter outside the box. My parents don’t want me to track litter through my house.

3. Do you like to cuddle? How are you with ear scratches and butt rubs? I may want to cuddle but only when I feel like it. I will let you know. Talk to the paw.

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Top 10 Emergency Kit Items for Pets

disaster-infographicThe Atlantic hurricane season has begun and here in the southeast we have already experienced our first hurricane of the year, Hurricane Arthur. Now is a good time to review your emergency preparation plan with your family, and don’t forget to include a specific plan for your fur babies! Whether your geographic area experiences tropical storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, wild fires, mud slides, floods or other natural and man-made disasters, it’s a good idea to have an emergency plan and well stocked emergency kit in place before disaster strikes.

Click the following link  for timely information on setting up an emergency kit for your beloved pets:  Top 10 Emergency Kit Items for Pets
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Cat Safety Tips for the 4th of July

More cat safety tips brought to you by your friends at Island Pet Care, Hilton Head Island, SC!

Keep Your Pet Safe on the Fourth of July

Dog Safety Tips for 4th of July

More dog safety tips brought to you by your friends at Island Pet Care, Hilton Head Island, SC!


Help your Cat Cope with Fireworks

pet sitter Hilton Head Island, SC 100 (19)It’s that time of year again: the 4th of July with family fun usually culminating in watching a great fireworks display. It’s fun for us, but can be terrifying for our kitties. If your cat reacts to the loud noise and flashes of light from fireworks (or thunder and lightning, for that matter), there are several steps you can follow to help your kitty better cope with this fear. First of all, indoor/outdoor cats should be brought indoors before dark if possible. Make sure your cat has safe, quiet places to hide. Many times kitty will go under the bed or into the back of a closet. Otherwise guide them to an interior room or a room with black-out curtains to mitigate flashes of light. [Read more…]

5 Ways 30 Minutes with a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter Will Benefit Your Dog

Question: Why should I pay a pet sitter to come and spend 30 minutes or more with my dog when they can go to daycare and play all day with other dogs?

It is tempting to think that you`re getting more value for your dollar by taking your dog to doggy day care or boarding when you travel, work or need to be away from home for a few hours. However, there are many different factors to consider before making a decision about your pet`s care and well being based solely on price.

Here are 5 ways that 30 minutes with a pet sitter will be more beneficial to your dog than a full day at daycare:

1. Structured walks and play actually tire your dog out more than running around like a lunatic all day. Why? Giving your dog a focused task (focusing on walking, using commands while playing etc.) forces your dog not only to work their body but also work their brain; and the more your dog uses their brain, the more tired they are at the end of the day. At daycare, frenzied, wild play may actually cause your dog considerable stress and lead to physical or behavioral problems.

dog sitting Hilton Head, SC2. Your dog walker will stick to the same training and routines that you use. Structure and consistency are crucial to have a well behaved dog. Dogs are creatures of habit. At daycare, it`s just not possible for the daycare workers to make sure that all of the dogs are minding their P`s and Q`s and dogs that are continually taken to doggy daycare or boarding can develop some bad manners and bad habits.
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